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Textile Concrete Structures

> Material Textile Design Study

Combines the characteristic qualities of concrete with textile materials and different textile techniques to create large-scale textiles with  solid, load-bearing, free-standing or flexible properties.

Material: concrete, textile Technique: knitting, weaving, knotting Shaping: gravity hanging
Model: Mira Hardt
Detail: KH Berlin Weißensee, 2016

BetonTextil is a research study with the goal of merging concrete and textile into a strong material compound, combining the characteristic qualities of both. Textile techniques are essential for this project and have a big impact on the performance of the resulting hybrids. Different materials and construction techniques, like knitting, weaving, and knotting were explored and analyzed. The tested samples indicated both an ideal combination of materials and revealed a difference in stability and thus possibilities of the respective constructions.