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Solidified Textiles Studies

> Material Textile Design Study

Material: plaster, textile, mycelium, concrete
Technique: knitting, weaving, knotting
Shaping: gravity hanging, draping, stretching.

Berlin 2022

Detail:Exploration Study, Berlin 2022
Exhibited: TorArtSpace Frankfurt 2022,
HilbertRaum Berlin 2022

Knitted Concrete

︎Material Study

combines the characteristic qualities of
concrete with textile material and knitting 

Material: concrete, textile
Technique: knitting
Shaping: draping

Berlin 2014

Textile Møbler: Teppichschaft

> A rug furniture. A social platform for interaction, relaxation and a rug element for living or public spaces. 

Material: cotton yarn, wadding, 
Technique: knitting, knotting
Shaping: changing diameter of oversized yarn creates an evolving surface. 

Hamburg 2013